Seen a pink butterfly? Have a look through these. The chances are it was a moth – even it was flying during the day. There are no native (to the UK) species of butterfly that are pink, although there is one that is “purple”. There are also a few non-native species that are kept in tropical butterfly houses or occassionaly occur as accidental imports.

Large moths

(bigger than an inch/2.5cm)

  • Deilephila elpenor
    Elephant Hawk-moth
    Deilephila elpenor
  • Rosy Footman
    Rosy Footman
    Miltochrista miniata
  • Small Elephant Hawk-moth
    Small Elephant Hawk-moth
    Deilephila porcellus
  • Cinnabar
    The Cinnabar
    Tyria jacobaeae
  • Ruby Tiger (Phragmatobia fuliginosa)
    Ruby Tiger
    Phragmatobia fuliginosa
  • Ecaille Martre (Arctia caja) Garden Tiger
    Garden Tiger
    Arctia caja
  • Arctia villica
    Cream-spot Tiger
    Arctia villica
  • Diacrisia sannio - female - Clouded Buff - Rödfransad björnspinnare
    Clouded Buff
    Diacrisia sannio
  • Euplagia quadripunctaria
    Jersey Tiger
    Euplagia quadripunctaria
  • Scarlet Tiger Moth (Callimorpha dominula)
    Scarlet Tiger
    Callimorpha dominula
  • Narrow-bordered five-spot burnet moth
    Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet
    Zygaena lonicerae
  • PINK-BARRED SALLOW Xanthia togata
    Pink-barred Sallow
    Xanthia togata
  • Privet hawkmoth caterpillar (Sphinx ligustri)
    Privet Hawkmoth
    Sphinx ligustri


  • Neozephyrus quercus female
    Purple Hairstreak
    Neozephyrus quercus

Small moths

(smaller than an inch/2.5cm)

  • Vestal Rhodometra sacraria
    Rhodometra sacraria
  • Cochylis flaviciliana
  • Pyralidae: Oncocera semirubella
    Oncocera semirubella
  • Celypha rosaceana
  • Small Purple Banded Moth (Phytometra viridaria)
    Small Purple-barred
    Phytometra viridaria
  • Pyrausta sanguinalis. Scarce Purple and Gold.
    Pyrausta sanguinalis
  • Mint Moth on Aquilegia foliage
    Pyrausta purpuralis
  • Pyrausta aurata - Pyrale de la Menthe
    Pyrausta aurata
  • Purple-bordered Gold? Idaea muricata
    Purple-bordered Gold
    Idaea muricata

Foreign moths and butterflies

These species occur outside of the UK, although may occur as escapees from butterfly farms or as accidental imports.

  • Xanthopastis timais (Noctuidae, Glotuliinae)
    Spanish Moth
    Xanthopastis timais
  • Heliconius melpomene
    The Postman
    Heliconius melpomene
  • Pink moth, aka Southern Crimson moth
    Southern Crimson Moth
    Pyrausta inornatalis
  • 7723 Anisota virginiensis 2, Brevard Co, 12-11-05
    Southern Pink-striped Oakworm Moth
    Anisota virginiensis
  • dreamsicle moth
    Rosy Maple Moth
    Dryocampa rubicunda
  • Pinker
    Raspberry Wave Moth
    Leptostales laevitaria
  • 7146 Chickweed Geometer Moth, Haematopis grataria
    Haematopis grataria
  • Coffee-loving Pyrausta Moth  - Pyrausta tyralis
    Pyrausta tyralis